Book Corners Look Great!

As part of Book Week, every class was challenged to spice up their book corners – with amazing results.  The winners in KS2 were 6LG who will be able to choose some new books for their class library.  Well done to everyone for working so hard.


Christmas Festivities Begin!

Our Christmas festivities were launched by our wonderful whole-school Christmas Music Concert yesterday.  More than 200 children played an instrument ranging from recorder to clarinet, with every child in the school taking part in the many opportunities to sing Christmas songs.

The feedback from parents, visitors and staff was amazing.  Well done to all!





Harvest Assembly

Today’s Harvest Assembly gave us all an opportunity to reflect on those less fortunate than ourselves – both overseas (war, famine, natural disaster) and at home, where some children were surprised to learn that not everyone has enough to eat.  The children were very reflective and concerned to make sure that the amazing donations of food and toiletry items went to a good cause.  All of the very generous donations (thank you to mums and dads for such a brilliant response!) have gone to our local food bank (Eat or Heat) in Jewel Road.


Allotment Lunch Special

A huge big thank you to 5EO who not only helped grow the vegetables at the allotment (tending to the soil and the plants), but harvested chard, spinach, courgette and tomato – and then magically transformed them into a delicious frittata.  Once cooked (thank you to the kitchen staff for the use of their ovens) this was an additional choice at lunch today and very much enjoyed by everyone who tried it.


In memory of Ms Trim

Today we remembered Ms Trim with a very reflective (and both sad and joyful at the same time!) assembly followed by opportunities to tell and share stories on our new storytelling chair – dedicated to Ms Trim’s memory.  The children really enjoyed both telling and listening to such a wide range of stories and Ms Trim’s daughter and niece, were also delighted!