Greenleaf wins a Woscar!

We won! Best Primary Film and Best Script. Congratulations to us and our children’s collaborations.  And to our collaboration partners – Whittingham and Henry Maynard.

The Year 5 children who took part had a wonderful time writing the script and making the film – and an even better time at the Woscars ceremony!  They have now tasted fame and stardom!



Greenleaf Journey Day

This year’s theme is Greenleaf is Great, Greenleaf is Glorious!  And indeed, we are!!

As part of our commitment to equality and diversity, Greenleaf Journey Day celebrates the wonderfully rich, diverse community we live and learn in.  This morning’s Bread and Breakfast sharing opportunity was a wonderful example – so many different types of bread to share, making this a memorable occasion for children, parents and staff.  Thank you to everyone who came in to support.

We also took the opportunity of the fine weather to raise both our Greenleaf flag and the Union Jack – both of which came top amongst the KS2 children who voted and the parents who responded to our flag consultation on the website.

International Evening

We are blessed with a very talented bunch of children, teachers and parents at Greenleaf  – which means that our International Evenings are always really amazing experiences.  A wide range of performance from the children covering many different cultures and countries, together with a really exciting talk and performance by Doreen, the Pearly Queen and the Blackhorse and Standard Ladies Morris Dancers kept everyone well entertained.  Even the staff got involved with a rendition of Danny Boy.  Thank you to the amazing PTA and all the wonderful parents and staff who donated food, organised tickets and made sure the event ran smoothly on the night.  It was a really lovely whole-school community event.



Road Safety

All the children heard really sensible Road Safety advice from Neville, from For2Feet on Monday afternoon.  In particular, he was explaining the safe use of the new “blended crossings” around school.  Please take care when driving or walking across these.