A Frozen Feast

What a wonderful performance of Frozen by Year 4.  Well done to all involved!

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Daisy and Elizabeth made our day!

We were privileged today with a visit from Elizabeth, with her guide dog, Daisy.  Elizabeth explained to the children all about Daisy, her role in keeping Elizabeth safe, and what amazing skills and training Dasy has had.  Needless to say, the children were enthralled.  Greenleaf will be fund-raising to sponsor guide dogs in the future – watch this space!

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International Evening

What an amazing evening we had at Greenleaf last Thursday, when we celebrated our annual  International Evening – a real community event, giving us all the opportunity to share and enjoy each others’ communities (and food!).

It was a real tribute to all those who took part, organised it, attended and donated food that compliments have been pouring in ever since.

A huge thank you to the ladies and gentlemen of the PTA for producing such a successful event.

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Chicks arrive at Greenleaf!

Year 6 are currently busy hatching some chicks as well as rearing butterflies as part of their science topic on Life Cycles. Here, two year 6 boys write about their first few days with their new fuzzy friends.

The eggs in their incubator.

The eggs in their incubator.


When the eggs arrived on Monday, I was ecstatic at the thought of cuddly baby birds waddling around the classroom. Yesterday, the eggs began to rock and roll around in the incubator, getting ready to enter the real world. The big surprise came this morning when we walked into the classroom…

Our dreams had come true! CUTE, CUDDLY BABY BIRDS chirping their cheerful sounds in our very own classroom! Three of the cutest birds gazed back at us through the glass of the incubator! We now hope more eggs will hatch and from them emerge more cute, fluffy chicks to waddle around our classroom, just like their siblings.

Raees and Asher

Look - some chicks have hatched!

Look – some chicks have hatched!