Dieppe Day 4 – a journey of discovery …

Many children said that today was “the best day ever!”

“I loved making the biscuits.”

“Milking was so cool!”

Lucie and Bruno, our hosts at La Vache de Louvicamp farm, really made this a superb day.  We found out all about the food cows eat, the insemination process and got to meet (and stroke!) the cows!  On top of that, we made our own biscuits – from flour, a special sort of white cheese and butter made on the farm, milk jam and berries we picked ourselves.  Later, we even got to milk the cows by hand.  Everyone had a go – and some of us even managed to get some milk!  A fabulous day, where we not only had fun but learned so much.

In the evening, we shared our room jingles, with prizes awarded for the most innovative!  The teachers couldn’t decide so there were four rooms which won!

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Dieppe Day 3 – the journey continues …

After a dull start, the weather was once again glorious and we enjoyed a fabulous day at Artmazia. Land Art in the morning – the children created individual or group works of art and will get a CD of their creations on our return – followed by a tour of the maze in the afternoon.  More like a magical mystery tour as some groups never did find the centre.  Mrs Keane’s group gave up after they passed the caravan for the 10th time!

All the children really enjoyed their dinner – fish in a cream sauce and chocolate eclairs!  Very french.


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Dieppe School Journey – Day 2

Ice skating was a new experience for many, but they really had a go and many skated properly for the first time ever.  That can’t be said for most of the teachers though, who had an unhealthy inclination to cling to the side.  The exception being Mr Morris. The afternoon (and our picnic lunch) was spent on the beach.  Much fun was had by all, not even dimmed by a cut to Ramah;’s leg, which required a few stitiches.  Ramah was a superstar – no tears and back on both feet now, feeling no ill effects!

A good day had by all!


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School Journey Dieppe – Day 1

After a long and tiring journey, we made it to Dieppe.
Once the children had explored their rooms and the grounds of the accommodation, there was time for dinner, followed by a visit to the beach. The children really enjoyed splashing in the waves and throwing pebbles. A few got a little wetter than they bargained for, but are none the worse for wear!


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Sporty Fever hits Greenleaf!

In glorious sunshine, despite rain earlier in the week, Greenleaf were blessed on Friday, with perfect conditions for Sport!  The children took part in both track and field events – ranging from shot put and speed bounces on the field to relay and sack races on the track.  The highlight for many was the parents’ space hopper race.  A number of injuries were reported.  Back in training for next year, mums and dads!

Many children were delighted to win medals, but all children got stickers for taking part and all were very keen to congratulate the winners and support those who didn’t do quite so well.  Great attitudes, Greenleaf!

Thank you to all the staff for their continued hard work – Sports Day is exhausting, but great fun!  Thank you also to the very many parents who came along for the day, or who just joined us for lunch.  It was very much appreciated!

A massive thank you to the ladies of the PTA who worked tirelessly all day to provide refreshments.  Kept us all going!

Collaboration is a wonderful thing!

Collaboration is a wonderful thing!

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Exhausted - but we showed great resilience and determination!

Exhausted – but we showed great resilience and determination!

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None of the parents could believe how hard the space hopper is!

None of the parents could believe how hard the space hopper is!