My trip to Stubbers was awesome! I am Bhoovnesha on the right side of the picture.
It made me feel more brave to participate in all the team activities.
I’m Zalyka on the left side.I think Stubbers is a great opportunity for children because it boosted my confidence. I would love to visit Stubbers again !!

Year 5 trip to stubbers


Year 5  trip to stubbers

I was a lucky guy to go to stubbers. It has a variety of events to take part in for a wide range of ages. I took part in four events: RAFT BUILDING, TEAM CHALLENGE , PAMPER POLE and ARCHERY. My excitement storages burst at the end of the first event! In the next door picture you can see my opposing team build their raft. Any need of fun, stubbers’ll get the job done! I HOPE YOU VISIT STUBBERS! By Raees

Nursery Show – Can Caterpillars Fly?

Well, the Nursery children certainly know the answer to that! They had such an amazing time yesterday, entertaining us with songs and dances about the various creatures of our world, who can (and some who can’t!) fly!  The children were so enthusiastic that their fun and enjoyment were completely infectious!  No-one who came along could have failed to be impressed by the joy of the children and their delight at taking part.

Well done to all the Nursery children and a huge big thank you to all the Nursery staff, who worked so hard to put the show together.

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To celebrate the Year 6 children’s hard work, enthusiasm, commitment and effort, the Year 6 teachers hosted a post-SATs barbeque on Friday.  The sun shone, food was plenty and the highlight for many was the ice cream to round off a very relaxing day.  Well done everyone – and a big thank you to Mr Merry and Mr Morris … super chefs!