Summer Fete – a great success!

Thank you to all the PTA and everyone involved in making last Saturday’s summer fete such an amazing success.  The weather held – neither too hot nor too cold/wet – and everyone had a great time!  Not only a fabulous community event, but also raising £3600 for school funds.  It was lovely to see our Year 4s perform their “Boy Blue” inspired dance and the Year 6 steel pans.  What amazing artistes they all are!  Thank you to so much to all the PTA and Ms Thompson for organising – a huge amount of work, but very much appreciated.

Barbican Showcase

Sadly, we are now coming to the end of our three year partnership with The Barbican.  Last Thursday, however, we had the chance to take all of our years 2, 3, 4 and 5 to The Barbican to showcase everything we have done and everything we have learned since the start of the project.  It was an amazing day – some 240 children plus lots of adults (including some parents and governors) took part.  Not only were The Barbican staff blow away by the chidlren’s performances but this will be a life-long memory of performing in an actual theatre for the first time for all of our children.

Thank you to The Barbican for being so supportive over the three years. We will continue to seek ways to work together but now also look forward to our new partnership as an Associate School with Saddlers Wells.

Summer Music Extravaganza

Last week’s Summer Music Concert was a celebration of the place that music holds at Greenleaf.  The children had all made exceptional progress since the Christmas concert!  A particular mention to the brass instruments – children only started learning these in September and they already sound amazing.  A huge big “thank you” to Ms Griffin for co-ordinating so brilliantly and to our fabulous peripatetic teachers (Yvonne, Caoimhe, Peter, George and Anna) who work so hard and creatively to support the children.

Isle of Rain

Yes, another rainy day on the Isle of Wight.  BUT a fabulous day nonetheless!  We’ve been to Osborne House and are all very jealous of Queen Victoria’s holiday home, not to mention the “play” house Prince Albert built for his children.

The children had a lovely afternoon at Alum Bay buying sand bottles and eating ice cream – and just a few sweets!!

Isle of Wight News

Apologies firstly that due to technical issues, we have no photographs.  However, that doesn’t mean that we aren’t taking them, just not able to upload them.

Despite the wind and at times torrential rain today, the children have all had an amazing time at Blackgang Chine – the rollercoaster and water slides being the biggest draws.  Having said that, they also loved the fairy tale castle and dinosaur land.  Some children had never been on a rollercoaster before and really challenged themselves to have a go.

This evening, in slightly better weather, we braved a 40 minute walk from Shanklin to Sandown Pier and spent a lovely hour in the arcade on the penny falls.  Who knew £1 could go so far.

Watch out for more Isle of Wight news tomorrow.

Isle of Wight 2019 – The Journey Begins

An early start and heavy traffic caused us to divert to Lymington for an afternoon sailing to Yarmouth in the Isle of Wight.  None of this phased the children who enjoyed playing in the park before the ferry crossing.  Once we arrived at the hotel, we headed straight for the beach where, despite less than tropical water temperatures, the children were keen to head for the water.  Much fun was had by all!


Bread and Breakfast

Thank you to all the mums, dads, grans and granddads, aunts and uncles who came and shared Bread and Breakfast with us this morning – and for the amazing food you all donated.  What a feast!  It is a lovely way for our community to share together and to appreciate the lovely flavours of other cultures and what we can all contribute.  Thank you.  The children thoroughly enjoyed it and it was a great start to Greenleaf Journey Day.




International Evening Rocks!

Our 10th (can you believe it?!!) International Evening was a real credit to every one of the children, parents and visitors who performed.  They were amazing!  Thank you to everyone who came to watch as well – what a great audience!  Not only was it a fabulous evening, but we also raised just over £1,000 for school funds.

A huge big “thank you” to Ms Thompson and the wonderful PTA for organising it all!!

KS1 Christmas Show

KS1’s Christmas Show was a TRIUMPH! The children in Years 1 and 2 could not have been more enthusiastic! The quality of their singing, dancing and acting just blew the sell-out audience away. One grandmother said, “They just were so confident, I couldn’t believe it!”

Needless to say, the children have worked incredibly hard to reach the standard they demonstrated yesterday. But they clearly enjoyed it with smiles all round!

A huge big thank you also to all the teachers, who show great skills, commitment and patience in supporting the children to perform!